how to makes girlfriend happy

Complete Guide on How to Make Girlfriend Happy

How to make girlfriend happy: Do you want to be a perfect partner for your girlfriend? Apart from giving gifts to girlfriends, there is a lot that you can do to please her. Also, girlfriends want you to pay attention to them. And actually for most girls, an emotional attachment matters more than a bouquet (bouquet) and a box of chocolates.
It is said that the car cannot move on one wsheel. Similarly, there are also relationships. Especially a lover-girlfriend relationship. It is not necessary that the girlfriend should take care of everything, small and big, you should also give full support in it. So today we are going to give you some such tips which you can try to strengtshen your relationship. If your a worried about how to make my girlfriend happy then here you will find out how to make Your girlfriend happy.

Making Her Feel Good

how to makes girlfriend happy
How to Make Girlfriend Happy

1. Show your love to her: Girls want their partner to express their love for them, because it shows that you care about them and you do not hesitate to show your love in public. You don’t always need to show love in public (PDA / PDA), but you should do it sometimes, and that’s because she wants other people to see how much you love her. So do not hesitate to kiss it in public or even fill it in your arms.

  • Tell her that she is very beautiful and always talk only by looking at her eyes. Eye contact reflects tshe truth of what you said. When you look at some other side, questions start to arise in your mind about your credibility, so whenever you talk to her, keep eye contact. You have to show her that you believe whatever she is saying. If you call her beautiful with a sincere heart, then because of this, your support is going to go a long way.
  • Also tell her that she has made you crazy and that out of all the girls you have seen till date, she is the most beautiful girl. Tell her that you have never met a girl like her till date.
  • Not only praise her looks, but also praise her achievements, skills and abilities. If she plays very good poker, tell her that she is very smart. If she is a good listener, tell her that she treats all people very well.

    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

how to makes girlfriend happy
How to Make Girlfriend Happy

2. Tell her how much you love her: And make sure that this word also means something to you. If you are not ready to do so, then no problem. But instead of saying “I love you”, say “You know how special you are to me” or “I like you very much; and I am a very lucky person that you are in my life.”

  • Truth is always the best. Say “I love you” or “You make me very happy” or “I am very lucky that you got me”. Don’t write too big a poem to speak all this, because you can bore her with it.
  • All these things make her feel good and because of them, she also gets increased confidence. Remember that her good confidence is beneficial for you. Be so steady in your affection or signs of affection that you should never forget how special you are to her, but do not be so much absorbed in expressing it, that your words are of little importance.

how to makes girlfriend happy
How to Make Girlfriend Happy

3. Touch her regularly and on important moments: Even a slight touch can make a woman feel special. Remember that this touch should be gentle and respectful, no need to be very provocative or sensual.

  • Hold her hand, hug her, rub her back, or touch her face very tenderly. Now she feels very loving and safe with it! Love her as you expect her to be.
  • There is a specific time and a different place for foreplay, but if you want to do it at a time when it is not ready, then it is not right. Before starting your sexual relationship with her, take full care of her being comfortable with you and for it. Sex does not decide a relationship. If both of you agree, then make her feel a different kind of pleasure, like kiss her for a long and stimulating mouth or kiss her whole body. Women love knowing that men love their bodies.

how to makes girlfriend happy
How to Make Girlfriend Happy

4. Pay more attention to her: Meet her needs before yourelf. It does not mean that you are weak. It just means that you focus on fulfilling her wish first, then even if you want to do the same thing.

  • If you think she is the “Miss Right”, then make her your first priority. Love is said to be selfless; You are also going to prove this to her.
  • Even if you are with your friends, never ignore her. How would you feel if he had done this to you? Just like you don’t exist, right? Stay around and watch her every moment, tell her that you realize her presence and smile at her.
  • Listen to her, Women always have one of the biggest complaints about men that they do not listen to them. If you are not interested in listening to them, still listen and tell them that you were listening. Tell her that you are the only person with whom she can talk.
  • Every woman likes to spend some time alone with her partner. One day full, just spend alone with her. Watch a movie during this time, massage her on the back and get a little intimate. Remove other thoughts from your mind and pay full attention to her. By doing this you will feel a different attachment with her and this is what you want. Spend time alone together at least once every month.

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how to makes girlfriend happy
 How to Make Girlfriend Happy

Treating Her Right

1. Treat her with respect: Treating your girlfriend with respect means treating her the way you want to be treated Your goal is to keep her as happy as possible, so it is not going to happen in one night. Rather, move slowly in this direction and work as hard as you can, even if you do not get success.

  • Always support her, no matter what the issue may be. Standing with her shows her that you are on her side and you are standing with her in public, which is not easy.
  • If she argues with her parents in front of you, then it will be beneficial for you to keep quiet and not fall in between them, because you also do not want to take the risk of grieving them (who can have a lot of control over her life). As much as possible, there is no need for you to interfere in Family Matter, but only support them if they tell you.
  • Do not argue in public areas or in front of people, nor prepare a scene in front of everyone. This will be a disgrace to both of you ; After this, she will definitely think twice before going anywhere with you. Keep calm when a quarrel occurs, do not let your emotions dominate you.Keep your voice down, don’t shout at her and apologize, even if you haven’t done anything wrong. Apologies are also going to be helpful for you. Call her even if she doesn’t want to pick up. Even a simple phone call made by you can tell the woman that “I want to carry on this relationship.”

how to makes girlfriend happy
How to Make Girlfriend Happy

2. Share your day’s events and thoughts with your girlfriend: By being able to behave freely and keep talking, she feels that you want her in your life. Do not become intimate with her just because you love her body; Share the things happening with you and solve them together.

  • Listen to her advice too, even if you don’t agree with her. Emphasize yourself to listen to her and her reasoning. Keep your mind and ears open. She will give you the result of this work you have done as her love.
  • Even if you don’t have much to say, but do tell her what you are thinking. If you are strong and calm, then she may misunderstand your feelings towards herself. Tell her whatever you are thinking so that she do not misunderstand you.

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

3. If she wants to bill something, let her: Make sure that the roles are not reversed. She doesn’t look good for you, doesn’t do good work, doesn’t do anything, so whenever you get a chance, you should pay maximum bills. It is not about money. This means showing her that you care for her a lot. There is no need to remain like this all the time, but there is no need to show too much about it or understand it very big. You tell her a lot by telling her that your money is her and her money is yours. When she does something for you on a date, it is her way of saying that she cares about your money and she wants to care about you too. Do not take these small good things done by her lightly, but appreciate it.

how to makes girlfriend happy
 How to Make Girlfriend Happy

Going Beyond What’s Expected

1. Be romantic: Every girl wants a boy who is romantic. Most girls consider themselves to be fairy tale heroines (in mind; mostly; sometimes very little), and they want them to be treated the same way. Tell your female partner that you care about her with a little more effort in your romance.

  •  Write love notes for her. Notes should not be very long, emotional and poetic if you are not of such nature. Small and silly notes will also be enough. Try to make them cute (girls love “cute” things, like drawing), this is a way to show you care about her. Write notes on the actual paper itself. The card will also be good. Whatever you feel, just write it down.
  • Do not send these things to her by email or SMS. The email will tell her that you are too lazy and don’t want to take extra time for her. Be a man, put some effort into it and write her a good and old fashioned letter.
  • Tell her how happy and lucky you are that you got her. Tell her that she has taught you to care about yourself. Tell her that since you first saw her, you knew she was very special. This is a good way to be romantic.

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

2. Be thoughtful: Small things mean a lot. Become a good person (Gentleman). Keep the door open for her. Thinking about her sometimes means putting yourself in her place and then thinking about what you can give her and what you can do for her.

  •  If it is too cold outside, ask her if she is freezing; Take out a sweater or jacket near you so that you can give it to her.
  • When she is not feeling well or is ill, bring some soup, hot tea or flowers for her. Hold her hand while watching the film or while walking. Sometimes buy something for her without any reason.
  • Small things of her choice like a flower, a magazine her favorite candy or a chocolate bar can also do a great job. Show her that you are thinking about her.

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

3. Remember her likes and dislikes: Being romantic is all about how much you know about her, and showing her what all these things mean for you. 

  • How does she like to cook for herself? Which is her favorite flower? What is perfume like? What does she enjoy doing on a date? What are her favorite books and songs?
  • Remember what she likes to eat and cook for her. Or the flowers of her choice, which make her feel her personality, and send the same flowers to her. Create songs for which songs she likes to dance, laugh and cry..

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

4. Remember important days / dates: Remembering these is very important for women. Birthdays, anniversaries and other achievements opportunities to show her how special she is to you. Keep a calendar ready to remember all these days.

  • Bring a gift for her on her birthday (chocolates, gift coupons, shoes will all be good) and send her some flowers. Don’t forget to write a card for her, do some jokes about her aging, but also say that she will always be as young for you as when you saw her for the first time.
  • On your anniversary do something special for both of you, who tell her how admirable you are and love her. Make a scrapbook, keep the tickets of the places where you went together and write a brief description of those dates.
  • Send her a Facebook video message, in which you tell her how important she is to you and how you will not forget your first date.
  • Remember that girls are also ready to deteriorate a bit on such occasions. Placing flowers on her doorstep, having dinner in a fabulous place – these things show that you care about her. Remember, it is not related to money, but the motive behind it matters.

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

Understanding the reasons for her happiness

1 .Understand what makes girls happy: Girls or women have maternal qualities: and they like to care about things. This is why they cook good food for you or pack your bag or worry about not calling when you are out of the house. Take advantage of their nature and tell them that you appreciate their efforts, and you care about them equally.

  •  Remember that all women grow up listening to such stories, which end with women looking for a “perfect man” to always be happy like a queen. It is already in their mind that they will find a partner who is perfect in every way. Since this is impossible, but you can still try to become her prince.
  •  Girls like to see themselves as special. Girls are often eager to praise you with their friends, they want to tell you how good you are; She wants to know that you have given as much in the relationship as she does. She wants to see herself as the luckiest girl in the world. Be the kind of person who gives her all these things. The more you make her feel that you just love her, not your old girlfriend, the more special she will feel.
  •  So if you want to praise her, don’t say “I like your body texture a lot”; Instead say “your body texture makes you even more beautiful and I like it very much.”Likewise, do not praise her personal organs unless she is really special. Instead, you can say something like, “I hadn’t realized by now that your eyes look like sapphires”. This is more lovely than saying something about her chest.

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

2. Understand the difference between man and woman: We all know that women and men think and behave differently. Knowing the reason for this is important, because it will help you to do what she expects.

  •  Realize that she does not think she is sticking too much. It is natural to be around you, be concerned about your safety – it is natural for all women and thus they are part of it. Learn this aspect of it.
  •  Think of it as a good thing: Women behave like “clingy” only when they have true love and care for you. If she stops doing this work, then understand that something is wrong!
  •  If you want a little break from her, then explain it with love, like: “You know how nice I feel to spend time with you. But I haven’t seen my friends in a long time and I want to watch this weekend movie with them Was thinking of going. If I go, do you have any problem? “
  •  Everything is not sex for her  Boys’ sexual attitudes are quite different from girls. For girls, it means not just sex, but it is intimacy and closeness, which she shares with you. If she feels that you only want sex from her, then she is probably not going to give you this pleasure. If she feels that you only want her, then she will surrender herself completely to you.

    how to makes girlfriend happy
    How to Make Girlfriend Happy

3. Be Confident: Girls love boys who are always in confidence about themselves. Remember that you don’t have to be Shahrukh Khan or Ranveer Kapoor to show your confidence. Being Confident means knowing who you are, knowing your likes and dislikes, and being calm.

  •  Pay attention to what you look like. Take regular baths or showers and wear clean, good-looking clothes. Girls don’t want to see you like a model, instead they want other girls to see what she’s got and how well you take care of yourself.
  •  Learn to joke Joking is a great way to show your inner confidence. According to studies, the person with sense of humor is most preferred as a partner. [1] So prepare some great jokes, and don’t hesitate to make fun of them. The Confidence of a person with good and excellent sense of humor speaks.
  •  Never tell a lie. How will you feel if she starts lying to you? Lying is a matter of trust and trust is a big thing for girls. The trust she shows in you, give her the same confidence.
  •  There is a problem with lying how many more lies have to be told to hide a lie. Normally you don’t tell a lie; Rather you get caught in the trap of lies. This is a simple math: the more lies you tell, the sooner you get caught.
  •  Be confident not to lie. If you stop being embarrassed about something, you will not need to lie for it. Even if you are feeling embarrassed about something, but do not let it dominate you. Your confidence will increase in no time.

How to Make Girlfriend Happy(Advice)

  • If you make a mistake, first accept it, then apologize to her and tell her that you love her very much.
  • If it is not necessary, do not cause any argument in force.
  • Appreciate her achievements and encourage her to do so even better.
  • Do not make any mistake in telling her how you feel about her. She always wants to hear this from you.
  • When you know that she is upset about a serious issue, there is no need to laugh at her. This will make her feel that you do not respect her.
  • Do not message other girls. This will start worrying her and make her feel like you are cheating on her. If she is your girlfriend, you shouldn’t need anyone else
  • See how you talk to her and pay attention to your tone, especially during the debate. Girls do not like to be talked about unfairly and angrily.
  • Always be honest with your girlfriend.
  • Always tell her how beautiful she is.
  • If both of you start living together, then join hands in ho usehold work together.
  • Send her long loving messages. Focus on her specialty.


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